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1. Who is the general contract and architect?

General Contractor: EWI Construction

Architect: CGHJ Architects

2. What is the deposit requirement to reserve a townhome?

Reservations are a non-refundable 10% down on the base purchase price due at contract signing, and a non-refundable 25% of total cost of buyer selected upgrades, due at time of selections.


3. Am I required to be pre-approved by a lender?

Yes. The following items are required with a mortgage lender of buyers’ choosing:

 ·  verified credit score

·  verified employment

·  verified debt to income ratios

·  verified liquidity to close


4. Do you have any builder incentives?

The developer offers a $5000 closing cost/upgrade credit for using their preferred title company for title and closing. The developer does not have a preferred lender nor offer any incentives to do so at this time. The preferred title company is:

Najmy Thompson, PL

109 Brush St, Suite 150

Tampa, FL 33602

Phone (941) 748-2216

Fax (941) 896-4812


5. What warranties are included?

All townhomes are covered by Florida law new residential construction warranty requirements. All material, equipment and subcontractor warranties will be passed from the developer to the new homeowner.


6. What do the HOA fees include?

The monthly fee is estimated to be $328 monthly and includes:

·  insurance for the association

·  common area landscaping

·  exterior maintenance

·  water, sewer, and trash service

·  common area utilities


7. Are there any leasing restrictions?

No unit may be leased for a period of less than thirty (30) days, nor more than two (2) times per year. Please see the HOA documents for more information.


8. Are there any pet restrictions?

We love our fur friends, and to ensure that everyone gets along, there are a few restrictions in place to make sure no pets are dangerous or a nuisance. Please see the HOA documents for more information.


9. Where do guests park?

There are a limited number of guest spaces available on site, please refer to the site plan for more information.

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